Semilla Website, Guatemala, C.A.

SEMILLA, the Latin American Anabaptist Seminary of which CASAS is a department, offers credit in both Spanish and non-Spanish courses, but CASAS academic credit is handled differently at different colleges and universities. Syllabi are available by e-mail request of the college or university registrar's office.

Twelve-week students may choose up to four courses from the list below, each one worth three academic units. Two of these must be Spanish language courses.

1. Spanish -- Students enrolled in the 8- and 12-week programs for credit must take six credits (two courses) in Spanish language. The CASAS Spanish department reserves the right to evaluate Spanish proficiency and enroll a student at an appropriate level.

CHS 131 Elementary Spanish I
CHS 132 Elementary Spanish II
CHS 231 Intermediate Spanish I
CHS 232 Intermediate Spanish II
CHS 331 Advanced Spanish I
CHS 332 Advanced Spanish II
CHS 334 Latin American Literature

Spanish Course Descriptions

2. Non-Spanish -- Courses are conducted in a modified “independent study” format with qualified SEMILLA faculty serving as advisors for guiding coursework. In parentheses are the course areas for which students typically receive credit transfer. Twelve-week students may choose two from the following list:

CHS 133, Introduction to Central America* (Latin American Studies, Cross-cultural Issues, History, Sociology)
CHS 234, Anthropological Perspectives in a Guatemalan Context
CHS 333, Violence, Justice and Peace in Central America (Peace Studies)
CHS 233, Religious Expressions in Guatemala (Religion, Faith, Christian Studies)

Thematic Course Descriptions

*It is strongly recommended that students choose Introduction to Central America as one of their two available non-Spanish courses.