Semilla Website, Guatemala, C.A.

SEMILLA Publishing is the publication department of the Latin American Anabaptist Seminary. Its purpose is to produce and distribute literature from an Anabaptist perspective in the Spanish language. It is an instrument for the development of SAL/SEMILLA programs and to complement its objectives in the realm of publication.


1. To provide texts and study materials for SEMILLA and other institutions that reflect a biblical Anabaptist perspective.

2. To provide accessible and pertinent literature for churches with an Anabaptist tradition in the Spanish-speaking world.

3. To spread Anabaptist thought and orientation among other Christian traditions.

4. To promote the production and distribution of Anabaptist literature that is written from a Latin American perspective
Printing and distribution of spanish language editions of Anabaptist/Menonnite works in Tehology, Church history,and Peace Studies