Semilla Website, Guatemala, C.A.

The Latin American Anabaptist Seminary Anabaptist/Menonnite biblical and theological for men  and women of Central America
In 1991 the seminary founded the Basic Education program. Since that time SEMILLA has published adult Sunday School materials...more
Seminary Training

SEMILLA's principal focus is training church leaders already involved in ministry, as many Mennonite pastors and leaders in Latin America have had little formal theological education. SEMILLA uses a distance education model in which students come together, in their own country, for 4-6 one week courses a year. This permits students to study in their ministry setting and immediately put their studies into practice. Each course requires 60-90 hours of independent study before the 30 hours of class time with professors from SEMILLA's faculty or other seminaries.

SEMILLA also works with theological education at a basic level. This includes consultation and development of curricula and resource materials for Bible Institutes and congregational education programs