Semilla Website, Guatemala, C.A.

Our Mission
The mission of SEMILLA is to prepare men and women to follow Jesus Christ faithfully and, thus, to live out the reign of God with justice and peace today.

Our Name
SEMILLA, which means seed in Spanish, is the common name for the Latin American Anabaptist Seminary and is taken from two of Jesus' parables. In Luke 8:11 Jesus talks about the seed as "the Word of God" and in Matthew 13:38 Jesus refers to the children of God as "the good seed."

Our History and Commitment
The Latin American Anabaptist Seminary provides Biblical and theological education for ten Anabaptist/Mennonite conferences in Central America and Mexico. It was initiated by Central Americans in the early 1980ís at a time when they were discovering their Anabaptist roots. The seminary draws inspiration from the experience of the early Anabaptists who also attempted to develop church communities and live their faith in a context of social and economic injustice. SEMILLA challenges students toward an attitude of constant conversion, demonstrated in a commitment to preaching the gospel and serving in his or her community.

Our Organization
SEMILLA is incorporated in Guatemala and run by a Board of Directors representing each of the participating conferences. The national conferences that participate in SEMILLA relate to various North American Mennonite bodies including Lancaster Conference, Conservative Mennonite Conference, Mennonite Brethren, Evangelical Mennonite Conference (Canada), Franconia Conference and Brethren in Christ